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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

-- Professional Flow Diagramming VC++ Source Code Solution + Professional UCCForm Solution
Product Information:

"The only Flow/Diagramming Kits that provides full source code of components for MFC and ActiveX in a single package!"

E-XD++ Visualization ToolKit Professional Edition!
The latest and the best Flow/Diagram source code kits from UCanCode! it includes all the features of the following product:
XD++ MFC Library Professional Edition
and it also includes the following features:

"To date, the reliability and performance of the XD++ Library have been tested through many kinds of diagramming/flowchart- related software of UCanCode customers around the World. The XD++ Library now used in over 40 countries!"

E-XD++ Visualization ToolKit Professional Edition is the latest and the best flow/Diagram Source code kits from UCanCode software, E-XD++ is designed to be modular, easy to use, easy to customize, and fast. Many of the classes and components in the library can be subclassed, providing developers the ability to extend and customize the library to meet their needs. it includes the all the features of XD++ MFC Library Professional Edition, and it also includes the following features:

1.Visio Like free rotating (Each or all the selection shapes with a rotating handle, you can use this control handle for rotating the shape now)!

2.For multiple selection shapes, they have 9 control points around them, you can use them to resize and rotate, you can also use Mouse and CTRL Key to change the main shape.

3.For single or multiple selection shapes you can mirror freely with two points, see below:

4.Snap lines and snap point are supported by E-XD++ Pro Edition now, see below:

5.Drawing Chord is supported by E-XD++, and it also includes a different action to create Arc and Pie shapes, see below:

6.Tons of new classes and over one hundred new API had been added within E-XD++.

7.New Skew action is added within E-XD++.

8 Improved canvas drawing, now it drawing much faster.

9.Over five extra anchor control handles, with these handles you can build more complex custom shape.

10.Drag and drop shapes to Microsoft Visio.

11.Drag and Drop shapes to toolbox.

12.Drag and Drop shapes between two editing files.

13.Support for CAD canvas and center drawing:

14.Support for editing text by double click on any kind of shape on the canvas:

15.Support loading the following image files:
BMP -- OS/2 Bitmap|*.bmp

WMF -- Windows Metafile|*.wmf

EMF -- Enhanced Windows Metafile|*.emf

PCX -- PaintBrush|*.pcx

JPEG -- JPEG Bitmaps|*.jpg

PNG -- Portable Network Graphics|*.png

GIF -- CompuServe Bitmap|*.gif

TGA -- Targa Bitmap|*.tga

MNG -- PNG Animation|*.mng

ICO -- Windows 3.x/NT Icon Resource|*.ico

It also includes the full C++ source code of reading these image file format.

16.E-XD++ Professional Edition ships with Layer feature support feature, below is the sample image, now you can create as many layers as you want.

17 E-XD++ Professional Edition uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern to clearly separate data, presentation, and user interaction into separate components. A model is a collection of nodes that are rendered onto a view and manipulated by a controller. A view is an object that draws a model onto a rectangular area of the screen. A controller is an object that receives user input and translates it into actions and commands on the model and view. The model, view, and controller objects communicate with each other through well-defined interfaces.

18.Form Design Controls all the controls with shapes and actions:

19.Each applications that created with XD++ Professional Edition have Design mode and fill mode, with Design mode you can create shapes WYSIWYG, with fill mode, all the controls will be has its own actions, below is how:

(1).Design mode:

(2).Fill mode:

Now you can create your own creating applications similar to 
Microsoft InfoPath

Microsoft Visio,
Primary Software VisiForm
Adobe Illustrator

and CorelDRAW

Model-View-Controller in E-XD++

One important advantage to this design is that the model, view, and controller components are interchangeable. You can them out swap out with your own components to build highly specialized applications. Another benefit of this design is that it reduces the complexity of the product which increases reliability.

Below is the full features about E-XD++ MFC Professional Edition

Full source code
E-XD++ Visualization ToolKit is completely written in Microsoft Visual C++. Source code, which you get for free, has many advantages:

  • Ability to customize it;
  • You can further develop the product;
  • Complete control of the product's programming quality;

This functionality enables E-XD++ Visualization ToolKit to become a powerful flow charting tool. The link object is a special object that has the sole purpose of connecting shapes together. Since it is a real shape, you can set properties for it:

  • Arrowheads, style and size;
  • Line color, thickness and style;
  • Shape name, for easier identification.
Object links in flowcharting:
  • Rectilinear and direct object links;
  • Ability to edit nodes and links through source code;
  • Object avoidance: auto-routing algorithm routes the connecting line around other objects;
  • Adjusting the position of the first and the last point of a link.
Vector drawing
E-XD++ MFC Pro comes with a set of predefined shapes, such as: Arcs; Dimension line; Rectangle; Curve; Ellipse; Line; Freeform polygons; Text; Diamond; Triangle; Right triangle; Parallelogram; Trapezoid; Hexagon; Octagon; Plus sign; Star; Pentagon; Left arrow; Scribble; Etc.

  You can subject shapes to:
  • Formatting;
  • Grouping/Ungrouping;
  • Moving;
  • Rotating;
  • Flipping;
  • Reversing, etc.
Simply add hyperlinks to each shape and drawing page. Through a hyperlink you can jump to another E-XD++ MFC Pro drawing, another file (.DOC, .XLS, etc.), or your Web site for example!

Raster imaging tools
Several raster imaging tools are @ your disposal:
  • Filling shapes with patterns, textures, pictures  and with all standard colors;

Text editing
E-XD++ MFC Pro has a variety of text manipulating devices:

  • Plain text: This device is convenient when drawing titles, logos, or other short text you want to manipulate, i.e. stretch, flip, custom-fill, etc.;
  • Text boxes: This device is suitable for manipulating large blocks of formatted text;
  • Displaying and editing text in composite shape;

Object model
The object model of E-XD++ MFC Pro is improved and therefore far more logical and intuitive. It allows you to manipulate shapes and events quickly and easily.

Workspace display
A variety of properties are available to set the way you want the drawing workspace to be displayed with:

  • Page break line;
  • Grid;
  • Paper background;
  • Scroll bars;

Several useful printing options are @ your disposal:

  • E-XD++ MFC Pro prints the whole drawing on canvas and auto split pages;
  • Specifies print settings such as margins, orientation, paper size, etc.;
  • Complete control of printing, Print Preview and Printer Setup dialog box.
Other features
  • Unlimited Undo-Redo capability;
  • Zooming;
  • Panning;
  • Rotating
  • Dynamic re-ordering and object grouping;
  • 4 C++ and VB sample projects with complete source code.
E-XD++ MFC Pro is compatible with a wide range of development languages and platforms, including:
  • MS Visual Basic;
  • MS Visual C++;
  • MS FoxPro for Windows;
  • Borland C++ Builder;
  • Borland Delphi;
  • Any other 32-bit programming environments that support ActiveX components.

Trial Software

E-XD++ Visualization ToolKit Professionl Edition Component (30 Mb)

Try EVERY feature before you purchase it
In the download section you can find the trial version of E-XD++ MFC Pro. All our research show that a fully-functional demo is a decisive element for most of developers. So check for yourself if E-XD++ MFC Pro is what you were looking for. The only difference between the trial and release version is the presence of nag screens.


Currently we only ship E-XD++ Pro suite with developer team project license.

E-XD++ MFC Pro Component is licensed per number of developers' machines i.e. one software license is required per developer's machine.

All E-XD++ MFC Pro Components are royalty-free which means re-distribution with your application does not require any additional fees.

Learn more about XD++ MFC Library Professional Edition by click here!

Learn more about UCanCode ActiveX Control by click here!

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