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Electronic Form Solution
Visualization & HMI Solution
Power system HMI Solution
CAD Drawing and Printing Solution

Bar code labeling Solution
Workflow Solution

Coal industry HMI Solution
Instrumentation Gauge Solution

Report Printing Solution
Graphical modeling Solution
GIS mapping solution

Visio graphics solution
Industrial control SCADA &HMI Solution
BPM business process Solution

Industrial monitoring Solution
Flowchart and diagramming Solution
Organization Diagram Solution

Graphic editor Source Code
UML drawing editor Source Code
Map Diagramming Solution

Architectural Graphic Drawing Solution
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Get Ready to Unleash the Power of UCanCode .NET

Product feature comparison

UCanCode XD++ MFC Library
is the World's leading diagramming component / diagramming solution for Visual Studio. It is is a fully managed, extensible and powerful diagramming framework, which can help you create feature rich diagramming solutions. The product has been designed from the ground up to meet a vast number of customization and extensibility requests. Built on top of the solid Model - View - Controller architecture it will provide your applications with consistent, intelligent and powerful diagramming abilities. UCanCode XD++ MFC Library is a unique component, since it integrates state-of-art vector and raster 2D graphics technologies and wraps them in an easy to use - yet completely customizable framework. As a result your applications can easily reuse it to instantly gain significant advantage in visual impact and intelligence. In terms of image and presentation quality UCanCode XD++ MFC Library simply has no competition.

XD++ Professional Edition -- it is designed for building professional flow diagramming applications only.

E-XD++ Professional Edition -- it includes all the features of XD++ Professional and it also ships professional electronic form VC++ Source Code Solution.

E-XD++ Enterprise Edition -- it is the best product of ucancode software, it provides the Enterprise Class .NET/VC++ Visualization Source Code Solutions (HMI, SCADA, CAD, PRINT,FLOW Diagramming, E-Form, Variable Data Printing, MAP, etc.)

UCanCode Visualization Diagram Component -- HMI, SCADA, CAD, GIS, FlowChart, Label Print...
Features E-XD++
Flow Diagramming Solution


Electronic form Solution

Enterprise Class .NET/VC++ Visualization Source Code Solutions
Full Compatible with MFC/C++
100% MFC/C++ Source Codes Shipped

With Single Page and multiple pages support (See sample CustomMSample and TestSDI Sample)

Drag and Drop

Microsoft Visio - Like ToolBox Window

Custom Property and User Data

Clipboard Support (With Text Emf, bitmap and XD++'s format).

Measurement units

Shape Moving

Shape Resizing

Shape Rotating

Alignment Layout

Space layout

Size Layout

Order Layout

Ruler (Horizontal and Vertical )

Horizontal guidelines

Vertical guidelines

Grid and glue to grid

Print, Print preview

Page setup
Export to EMF and bitmap

Background Resizing

Drawing line

Drawing Rectangle

Drawing Ellipse

Drawing Text

Drawing Bezier Line

Drawing Close Bezier Line

Drawing Round  Rectangle

Drawing Text Art

Text Entering On Canvas (For text shape)

Text Entering On Canvas (For any shapes)
Single Line or Multiple Lines Text editing
Loading bitmap file

Loading emf file

Loading wmf file

Loading pcx file

Loading jpeg file

Loading gif file

Loading ico file

Loading png file

Loading mng file

Loading TGA file

Play GIF89a file

Group / UnGroup Shape

Lock / UnLock Shape

Drawing Polygon Shape

Drawing Polyline Shape

Create Link Shape

Automatic create links between all selection shapes

Composite Shape

Drawing freehand line

Change Printing Page

Show / Hide Grid Line

Snap To Grid

Composite Shape




Drag / Drop OLE Object

Measure Unit (Inch, Feet, Yards, Mile, MM, CM. M, KM, point)

Macro Action

Custom Print Page

Lines Connect, Line and Curve Connect

AppWizard for Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Basic 


Microsoft Internet Explorer

Borland C++ Builder

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0

Port Style Setting

UCCDraw's Source Code

Another Five Anchor Point (Like the control point within Round Rectangle Shape)

Dimension Shape

Adding or Removing Port

Editing Port within any shape

Editing Custom Property by supporting Undo / Redo

ClassWizard.exe and New Class Code generator

Glue to shape's vector

Glue to shape's handle

Bitmap Menu with ico support

Adding Combobox on toolbar

Drop - down color picker, line - width picker, line - type picker on toolbar
Drop - down color picker, line - width picker, line - type picker Control Window

Grid Shape

Word - Like table shape (Cell split, Merge, Remove, etc.)


Visio 2007 like Ruler

Create Copy of any datamodel

Text Enter EditBox

Text Enter ComboBox

Text Enter Multiple - Columns ComboBox
Button with Click Event

Spin - EditBox with Text Enter

ListBox with Text Enter EditBox with Text Enter

Password EditBox with Text Enter

Slider Control with Drag and click Event

EditBox with click button

Tab Control Shape
Grid shape with Text Enter

HyLink Button

Drawing Arc Line

Draw Pie Shape

Drawing Chord Shape
Click Event for any shape

Office XP Style Color Picker, Arrow Picker, Line Width Picker, Line Style Picker

Full Screen

High - Bird Panning Window

Multiple - selection Tool (Much like Smartdraw)

Flat combobox on toolbar

GDI Visual Proxy

GDI+ Visual Proxy (Drawing any shape with GDI+ Skin)

Toolbox Item with Label Editing

ToolBox Item with tooltip

ToolBox Item with Visio 2003 like tooltip

Adobe PDF Reader like multiple pages support (See Sample ExtMultiMDISampe)

multiple pages with page context support (See sample ExtMultiMDISampe)

Dialog Bar

Visio 2003 - like control handle

Mirror shapes

Helpline support

Arc and Pie with two anchor points

Drawing helper class with over 100 help methods

Drag and drop shape from canvas to toolbox

Drag and drop shape between two canvas

Layers support

Drawing from center (Like AutoCAD Application)

Glue to intersect point
Setting Shape Order with a specify shape

Exchange the order of two selection shapes
Move one or multiple shapes to front of any select shape
Move one or multiple shapes to backward of any select shape
Convert any shape to path shape
Merge shapes,


Combine Shapes


Split Combine Shapes


Merge with intersect shapes:


Merge with subtract


Connect lines or curves


Split any shape to lines


Close any open shape

After Closed:

Shear Shapes


Bend Shapes


Convert to path shape
Before, it is a rectangle:

After, it is a path shape and vector can be edited:

Add or removing the vector of curve shape


Over 9 new style port shape

Distribution Shapes
Quick link editing (Showing Quick editing icon below any shapes)

New Advance Grid

Visio Like up - right break center link line

Visio Like break center link line

Link with route and bridge style

Advance path line editing feature

Open and play GIF89a file

Insert OLE Shape

Freeform drawing

Image mirror and free rotating

Image's properties editing

Convert any text to path shape
Dup editing mode (Background editing and front editing)
Workflow Solution
Gauge Solution
Mind map solution
Round - Corner Link Line
Rich Text Drawing, Editing and Printing
New style curve line
Callout shape (Cloud callout shape, rectangle callout shape, round - rectangle callout shape)
Radius Dimension Line, Horz Dimension Line, Vert Dimension line
Theme And Colors (Like Microsoft Visio 2007)
Curve Link
Sub Graph Shape
Post Number Input Shape
EditBox with Drop Calc Picker
currency input shape
Auto Size font shape
EditBox with drop date picker
EditBox with drop menu
Calendar shape
EFormDesigner Sample
EFormReader Sample
Multiple DataModel Printing (See sample CardPrint)
One Click Link
Database Design Diagram Solution
CWnd Base Canvas (See sample DialogTest)
Toolbar drop bitmap picker
Auto Scroll
Double buffer drawing
C# Form Solution
DiagramEditor with it's 100% VC++ Source Codes
Full Visio - Like Custom Property Values Define
Import SVG XML File
Export SVG XML File  
Convert EMF or WMF to SVG File  
Advance Link - Port Editing
Panning Window with Zooming Slider Bar
Allow over 10,000 shapes within one canvas
HMI Solution
SCADA Solution  
BPMN Solution
UML Solution
Gauge Dashboard Solution
Link line with anchor
Multiple Status Building Tool with VC++ Source Codes
Layer Graph Layout
Tree Graph Layout
More than 10 new style links  
. For other feature of E-XD++ Enterprise Edition, click here.

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